Alex Black

Alex Black

I am a fifth year mathematics PhD student and NSF Graduate Research Fellow at UC Davis happy to be working with Jesús De Loera. Starting Fall 2024, I will be a Hermann Weyl Instructor at ETH Zurich. I study the interaction between algebraic and geometric combinatorics and optimization. I'm particularly interested in the behavior of the simplex method. I also perform stand up comedy, but I suspect if you're here, it's because of the math.

Check out my CV for more info about me.


Email me at ae[last name] or message me on LinkedIn


Underlying Flag Polymatroids arXiv:2207.12221
Alexander E. Black and Raman Sanyal
Accepted at Advances in Mathematics, 2024

On the Simplex Method for 0/1-Polytopes arXiv:2111.14050
Alexander E. Black, Jesús De Loera, Sean Kafer , and Laura Sanità
Mathematics of Operations Research, 2024

Sampling Planar Tanglegrams and Pairs of Disjoint Triangulations arXiv:2304.05318
Alexander E. Black, Kevin Liu, Alex McDonough, Garrett Nelson, Michael C. Wigal, Youngho Yoo, and Mei Yin
Advances in Applied Mathematics, 2023

Small Shadows of Lattice Polytopes
Alexander E. Black
SODA 2023
INFORMS 2022 George Nicholson Paper Competition Finalist

The Polyhedral Geometry of Pivot Rules and Monotone Paths arXiv:2201.05134
Alexander E. Black, Jesús De Loera, Niklas Lütjeharms, and Raman Sanyal
SIAM Journal on Applied Algebra and Geometry (SIAGA), 2023

Monotone Paths on Cross-polytopes arXiv:2102.01237
Alexander E. Black and Jesús De Loera
Discrete and Computational Geometry, 2023

Fair Splittings by Independent Sets in Sparse Graphs arXiv:1809.03268
Alexander E. Black, Umur Cetin, Florian Frick, Alexander Pacun, and Linus Setiabrata
Israel Journal of Mathematics, 2020


Random Shadows of Fixed Polytopes arXiv:2406.06936
Alexander E. Black and Francisco Criado
Preprint, 2024

From Linear Programming to Colliding Particles arXiv:2405.08506
Alexander E. Black, Niklas Lütjeharms, and Raman Sanyal
Preprint, 2024

Exponential Lower Bounds for Many Pivot Rules for the Simplex Method arXiv:2403.04886
Alexander E. Black
Preprint, 2024

Realizable Standard Young Tableaux arXiv:2302:09194
Igor Araujo, Alexander E. Black, Amanda Burcroff, Yibo Gao, Robert Krueger, and Alex McDonough
Preprint, 2023

On the Circuit Diameter Conjecture for Counterexamples to the Hirsch Conjecture arXiv:2302.03977
Alexander E. Black, Steffen Borgwardt, and Matthias Brugger
Preprint, 2023